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110+ Topic-Wise Maths Tricks– Fast Calculation Tricks:- Quantitative Aptitude or Numerical Ability section does not need any introduction. You know it forms a significant part of almost every Bank/Insurance/SSC/Railways/Government exam. Lakhs of candidates appear in this exams every year. To get your desired job in this pool of competition, your approach should be unique and different.


In these notes, which combined tricks is explained to you in both Hindi and English languages, you can learn and download from below links. It helps you to solve math questions more quickly and very easily (less time take to solve math questions).


Mathematics Trick in Hindi Notes PDF Book Download On this page you can find all the Maths all bound to the Quick Maths book PDF or Fast Mathematics and Maths tricks of all kinds related to the notes will be dear Students, today in this post Math Tricks Notes PDF Download.


Listening to the name of Math Trick, plethora of thoughts comes in minds, especially who are preparing for SSC, Railway, Banking, SBI, Clerk, Bank PO, IBPS, MBA, CAT or any other Competitive Exam, then they must read and download this E-Book of Tricks for Mathematics PDF, Tricks of Maths PDF.


SHORTCUT TRICK -1 (Distance Calculation Between 2 points)


To calculate the distance between 2 points when an object is traveling to and fro from one point to another, and just the speed and time taken is given, you can use the below formula directly to calculate the distance.

d= (t1+t2)((a+b)/ab)



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In this Trick Math Book PDF , you will get notes and question solutions and best tricks related to maths magic tricks Hindi , here you will get Math Tricks, Math Shortcuts, etc. explained in very simple language. And this tricky Maths is very useful for SSC, IBPS, Railway, SBI and other competitive exams.


Some details related to the Math Tricks PDF:-


  • Number System
  • Problems based on Ages
  • Fraction
  • Decimal Fraction
  • Equality of Equation
  • Geometry
  • Lines and Angles
  • Partnership
  • Percentage
  • Pipes And Cistern
  • Ratio And Proportion
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound interest
  • Simplification
  • Square Root & Cube Root
  • Time and Distance
  • Time And Work, Pipes And Cistern
  • Trigonometry
  • Mixture
  • Mixed Proportion
  • Problems Based on Trains
  • Boats And Stream
  • Area
  • Surface area and Volume
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Average Short
  • Indices and Surds
  • Percentage Short
  • LCM HCF Questions
  • Progression
  • Discount Question
  • Profit and Loss Questions with Trick
  • Simplification
  • Graph
  • Tabulation
  • Simple Interest
  • Time and Distance
  • Logarithms
  • Characters and Cube roots Tricks


In every exam you will get at least 12-18 questions from Mathematics paper. So the candidates must focus on the Maths Tricks and download this Maths Tricks PDF in Hindi to get the important questions with best answers. We have asked all previous years maths questions which are asked in various government and private exams.


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Q1) If a man takes 3 hrs and 5 hrs respectively in going from point A to B then from B to A at 6km/hr and 8 km/hr respectively. What will be the distance between points A & B?

Ans: Directly apply the formula to get the answer: d= (t1+t2)((a+b)/ab)

d= (3+5)((6+8)/48) = 8*(14/48) = 14/6 km.

Where T1 & T2 are the time taken, a & b are the respective speeds and d = distance.


Download Maths Tricks PDF Part-I



SHORTCUT TRICK -2 (Multiplication By 11)


If a number is given to be multiplied by 11, you can use the following method to calculate the answer. Suppose you have 79*11. Put the number of 79 at units and 100’s place and put the total of that number in between. if the total exceeds 10 add 1 the digit at 100’s place thus bringing your answer.

ab*11 = a(a+b)b,


If a+b>10 add 1 to ‘a’ and keep the rest term intact. below is the sample question.

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110+ Topic-Wise Maths Tricks- Fast Calculation Tricks


Q2) Calculate what is 79*11.

Ans: If you go by the regular formula you might not be able to do it verbally. This trick is applicable only when a number is said to be multiplied by ’11’ Here is a direct trick to solve this multiplication.

79*11 = 7() 9 = 7(16)9 = 869


SHORTCUT TRICK – 3 (Calculation of Multiple Interest on CI)


If a loan is taken for more than 1 year and the rate of interest in varying for different years, you can directly use the formula given here to calculate the answer.

Amount = P[1+R1/100] [1+R2/100] [1+R3/100] where R1 = rate of interest for 1st year, R2 for the second year and so on.


110+ Topic-Wise Maths Tricks- Fast Calculation Tricks


Q3) If 40000 is given as loan for a period of 3 years with the interest rates 6%, 8% and 9% for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year respectively. What is the total amount that has to be paid at the end of 3 years?

Ans: By going with the regular method you will have to calculate the CI for each year and then add the CI of next year to the previous years’ number.

Here is a direct trick to avoid this:


Amount = P[1+6/100] [1+8/100] [1+9/100] where R1 = rate of interest for 1st year(6%), R2 (8%) for the second year and so on. Put the values and get the answer. Repeat it for any other similar case.


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How to prepare for Competitive Mathematics for SSC CGL?


  1. Mathematics is very important in SSC CGL exam and special attention is needed on mathematics.
  2. Do not prepare for competitive maths just by studying, keep solving questions as well, keep in mind that practice in maths is the only way through which you can achieve success.
  3. Write the sutras again and again, write the sutras and put them in your study room and after getting up in the morning and before going to sleep at night, must see them and think about them with your eyes closed before going to sleep.
  4. Mathematics is best studied in group so if your friends are also preparing then sit with them and solve the questions and develop a sense of competition like who will solve this question first.
  5. Do not follow too many maths books or too many websites, take any one book and solve it first, then go to the second and that too after doing the first one at least 2 times.
  6. Now is the time for online test, so take an online test series so that you do not face any problem in the examination hall.
  7. Whenever you solve maths, often students keep on studying only simple, good looking topics, do not do this, you read all and that too according to the syllabus.
  8. Often while preparing, people pay attention only to the difficult questions, whereas the thing to note is that 75% of the questions come easy, you have to practice the easy questions more so that you can solve those questions as soon as possible.
  9. Remember one more thing that practice is the most important thing in maths, the more you practice, the stronger your maths will be, then practice a lot.




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