Accounts MCQ Compilation E-book for SSC AAO

Accounts MCQ Compilation E-book for SSC AAO:- The accounts section is often referred to as a tough nut to crack. But, with consistent practice and solving enough questions you can overcome any obstacles. To help you with the preparations for this section, we are bringing you Accounts MCQ Practice Questions.


Here’s a Sneek Peek Into E-book

    1. Accounting is called business of……..?
    a) Heart
    b) Eye
    c) Ear
    d) Tongue


    2. When a drawer discounts a bill he debits?

    a) Bank Account
    b) Cash Account
    c) Drawee Account
    d) B/R Account


    3. Journal means…?

    a) Monthly
    b) Yearly
    c) Quarterly
    d) Daily


    Accounts MCQ Compilation E-book for SSC AAO


    4. The time after which the bill is to be paid:

    a) Due Date
    b) Tenure
    c) Days of Grace
    d) A Month


    5. If goods are returned to the supplier then we prepare:

    a) Debit Note
    b) Credit Note
    c) Receipt
    d) Invoice


    6. A cash discount always shows:

    a) Zero Balance
    b) Equal Balance
    c) Credit Balance
    d) Debit Balance


    Accounts MCQ Compilation E-book for SSC AAO


    7. Interest paid on loan is a:

    a) Financial Expenses
    b) Selling Expenses
    c) Management Expenses
    d) Loss


    8. Raw materials destroyed by fire show:

    a) Abnormal Loss
    b) Normal Loss
    c) Capital Loss
    d) Revenue Loss



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