Reasoning and GI Coding Decoding Questions

Reasoning and GI Coding Decoding Questions:- In this article, we are sharing with you the Important SSC CGL logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical reasoning and Reasoning Coding Decoding Questions. Coding and Decoding is one of the important topics and 2-3 questions are frequently asked from this topic in the examination.

You can solve different types of Coding-Decoding questions here, as we have covered each and every type of Coding-Decoding questions that can be asked in the upcoming SSC CGL examination.


SSC CGL General Intelligence and Reasoning Coding Decoding


Q1) In a certain code language COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC. How will MEDICINE be written in that code language?


Correct Answer: “D”

Q2) If DIG is coded as 25 and CUT is coded as 49, then how will KICK be coded?\

A. 43
B. 39
C. 41
D. 34

Correct Answer: “B”

Q3) In a certain code language,
‘134’ means ‘good and tasty’;

‘478’ means ‘see good pictures’  and
‘729’ means ‘pictures are faint’.
Which of the following digits stands for ‘see’?

A. 9
B. 8
C. 2
D. 1

Correct Answer: “B” 

Q4) In a code language, VICTORY is written as CIVSYRO. How will TRAITOR be written as in that language?


Correct Answer: “D”

Q5) If ROSE is coded as 6821, CHAIR is coded as 73456 and PREACH is coded as 961473, what will be the code for SEARCH?

A. 246173
B. 214673
C. 214763
D. 216473

Correct Answer: “B”

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Q6) In a certain code language,
(A) ‘pit na som’ means ‘bring me water’
(B) ‘na jo tod’ means ‘water is life’
(C) ‘tub od pit’ means ‘give me toy’
(D) ‘jo lin kot’ means ‘life and death’
Which of the following represents ‘is’ in that language?

A. jo
B. tod
C. na
D. lin

Correct Answer: “B”

Q7) In the following question, from the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


Correct Answer: “A”

Reasoning and GI Coding Decoding Questions


Q8) In a certain language, “CASIO” is written as “3119915”. How is “CITIZEN” written in that code language?

A. 295629134
B. 3192295614
C. 3912659214
D. 3920926514

Correct Answer: “D”

Q9) If E = 5 and READ is coded as 7, then what is the code of ‘DEAR’?

A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9

Correct Answer: “B”

Q10) In a certain code language
” given  time  simple  plan ” is written as ‘ @E4  &N4  %N5  #E6 ‘
” tired  solution  plant  great ” is written as ‘ #N8  @D5  %T5  &T5 ‘
” sick  point  good  turn ” is written as ‘ #K4  %D4  @N4  &T5 ‘
” garden  sister  phone  team ” is written as ‘ &E5  #R6  %N6  @M4 ‘
Which of the following code is for ‘ plan ‘ and ‘ translate ‘?

A. &N4 and @E9
B. @E8 and &N5
C. &N4 and @D7
D. None of these

Correct Answer: “A”

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Q11) If in a certain code language, ‘oka peru’ means ‘fine cloth’ ; ‘meta lisa’ means ‘clear water’ and ‘dona lisa peru’ means ‘fine clear weather’ , which word in that language means ‘weather’?

A. peru
B. dona
C. oka
D. meta

Correct Answer: “B”

Q12) If FRIEND is coded as HUMJTK, how can CANDLE be written in that code?


Correct Answer: “A”

Q13) If Pour is written as 4156
Sware is written as 78269
Clear is written as [email protected]

Then what is the code for PEARL=?

A. [email protected]
B.  [email protected]
C. [email protected]
D. [email protected]

Correct Answer: “A”

Reasoning and GI Coding Decoding Questions

Q14) In a certain code ‘Black’ means Orange’, ‘Orange’ means Violet’, ‘Violet’ means ‘Green’, ‘Green’ means ‘White’, ‘White’, means ‘Yellow’ and ‘Yellow’ means ‘Sky blue’, what is the color of coal?

A. Sky Blue
B. Orange
C. Blue
D. Yellow

Correct Answer: “A”

Q15) In a certain code language, ‘is uc he bh kr’ mean ‘Lucky likes to dance freely’, ‘ha by lm kr op’ mean ‘Dance can be a hobby’, ‘he id ac kr bh’ mean ‘Lucky teaches dance to kids’ and ‘kr id bh tw uc’ mean ‘Kids dance freely with Lucky’.

Now answer the given question.

‘Lucky likes to dance with kids’ can be coded as?

A. bh is he kr tw id
B. he kr op id uc tw
C. ac tw op bh uc id
D. None of the above

Correct Answer: “A”

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Q16) In a certain code STAR is written as 5$*2 and TORE is written a [email protected] How is OATS written in that code?

A. 3*5$
B. 3$*5
C. 3*$5
D. 35*$

Correct Answer: “B”

Q17) In a certain code language, ‘851’ means ‘good sweet fruit’; ‘783’ means ‘good red rose’ and ‘341’ means ‘rose and fruit’. Which of the following digits stands for ‘sweet’ in that language?

A. 5
B. 3
C. 1
D. 8

Correct Answer: “A”

Q17) If ‘L’ stands for ‘+’, ‘M’ stands for ‘-‘, N stands for ‘x’, P stands for ‘÷’ then

14 N 10 L 42 P 2 M 8 = ?

A. 216
B. 153
C. 248
D. 251

Correct Answer: “B”

Q18) In the following question, correct the equation by interchanging the two signs.

6÷17 x 51 + 6 -12 = – 4

A. x and ÷
B. + and  ÷
C. + and –
D. – and ÷

Correct Answer: “A”

Q19) In a certain code language, “CONDITION” is written as “@#^$*!*#^”. How is “NOTION” written in that code language?

A. ^#!*#^
B. ^#*!#^
C. ^!#*#^
D. ^#!*^#

Correct Answer: “A”

Q20) If 9#3=6; 15#3=9; 60#4=32; then what is the value of 27#3=?

A. 15
B. 14
C. 13
D. 33

Correct Answer: “B”


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