English idioms and phrases in hindi meanings

Today we start a series of ‘English Idioms and Phrases for bank exams‘. Today we are sharing the important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘A’. English Idioms & Phrases is very important in all competitive Exams.


English Important Idioms & Phrases


1. A Bad Egg

Meaning – A dishonest or ill-behaved person / एक बेईमान या खराब व्यवहार वाला व्यक्ति

Example – He’s been in prison several times for all sorts of crimes; he’s a bad egg.


2. A Bee in one’s bonnet

Meaning – An obsession, often with something that is strange or a source of agitation/ to keep talking about something again and again /  किसी चीज़ के बारे में लगातार बात करते रहना

Example – She never stops talking about dieting – she’s got a real bee in her bonnet about it.


3. A bolt from the blue

Meaning – a sudden and unexpected event/something important or unusual that happens suddenly or unexpectedly / अचानक और अप्रत्याशित घटना

Example – The resignation of the chairman came like a bolt from the blue.


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4. A chicken-hearted Person

Meaning – Coward Person / कायर व्यक्ति

Example – He is a chicken-hearted man; he cannot go with you in the dark room.


5. A close-fisted man

Meaning – to be very reluctant to give or spend money, miser /  पैसे देने या ख़र्च करने के लिए बहुत ही अनिच्छुक रहना

Example – In fighting terrorism, the Government gives the lion’s share of the budget to the military while being close-fisted in diplomacy, said a report on Sunday.


6.  A cold shoulder

Meaning – A display or appearance of disinterest / उदासीनता का प्रदर्शन

Example – I tried to be pleasant to her but she gave me the cold shoulder.


7.  A Dark Horse

Meaning – Unexpected winner, a candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds / अप्रत्याशित विजेता

Example – Nobody thought Cheri could win the race after breaking her leg last year, but she turned out to be a dark horse and took first place.



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