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Hello friends in this post, we are going to share an important vitamins chart pdf Notes or All Vitamins chart pdf in Hindi, which is very useful for every competitive exam. We share Vitamins chart in HindiVitamins K chemical namesVitamins chartVitamins K deficiency diseases.


A balanced and nutritious diet is required for the overall development of the body. A balanced and nutritious diet is the key to a healthy body and mind. There are various elements that provide nutritional value to the diet, such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber etc. All these nutrients have their own distinct and important role. Carbohydrate to energy, protein to muscle building , fat to energy, minerals and vitamins help in other body functions.


Vitamins are important for our body, but often due to protein and fat, we ignore it. Vitamin is a part of essential micro-nutrients which are necessary for our body for the smooth functioning of many processes.


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Importance of vitamins


We know that different nutrients make our food whole and vitamins have special importance in it. Lack of any vitamin in the diet, any disease is invited. Actually, the main function of vitamins is to convert our food into fuel so that the food eaten in the body can be digested properly, the body can get energy in the right form and at the same time keep the body healthy. The body can also get the benefit of all the nutritious elements available in our food, this work is also done by vitamins.


History of vitamins


Discovery of vitamin F.G. Halfkins did, but it was given the name of the vitamin by Funke. Vitamin is an organic compound, which is necessary for the development of the body and protection from diseases. They produce enzymes in tissues. Vitamin “D” is formed in our body automatically whereas vitamin “K” forms the bacteria called ‘colon‘ present in the bowel.


What are vitamins?


Vitamins are complex organic substances and participate in metabolic activities of the body. They are also called enhancers. Deficiency of these causes imperfections. These are active and complex organic compounds made up of elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur. These are necessary in the minority to keep our body healthy. Many diseases are caused by their deficiency. They are divided into two categories: –


  • Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins ‘B’, ‘C’.
  • Fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘K’ etc.


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Types of vitamins


There are 13 types of vitamins in total and all the vitamins are divided into two main parts. One part is called “fat soluble” and the other part is “water soluble“. The vitamins which are soluble in fat, dissolve in the fat in the body and those which are soluble in water, dissolve in the water present in the body. 


Both types of vitamins work together. Fat-soluble vitamins reach the blood of the body and give it energy and the water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water and get out through the kidney. There are four vitamins in fat-soluble vitamins and nine in water-soluble vitamins.


To stay healthy, intake of nutritious things is very important. Not having the right food in a run-of-the-mill life can lead to weakness and tiredness. Everyone wants to include the right and nutritious things in their diet, but it is not possible to find the right guide. Do not worry because today we are going to tell you about some such healthy things, by including them in the diet, you can stay healthy and fit.


Vitamins are important for our body, but often due to protein and fat, we ignore it. Vitamins are a part of essential micronutrients that are required by our body for the smooth functioning of many processes, some of the most important vitamins required by the human body are vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B 6, B9, B12, C, D, E and K are included. If you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you can get the vitamins necessary for your body. However, your nutritionist may be better able to shed light on the amount of each of these vitamins your body needs.


One should not eat for the whole day to fill the stomach, vitamins and minerals are also necessary for the body. If you make a diet chart for the day, then it is important to include vitamins and nutrients as well.


Vitamin Chart in Hindi PDF / Vitamin Type PDF


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  1. Vitamin A:

vitamins chart pdf
Vitamin A


Vitamin A is composed of several organic compounds, the main ones being retinol and thiamine. The work of this vitamin is to give strength to the skin, hair, nails, teeth, gums, muscles and bone of the body. The balance of calcium in blood is also from this vitamin. Lack of it affects the eyes the most. Mostly vitamin A is found in beets, carrots, cheese, milk, tomatoes, green vegetables, yellow fruits etc.


No. 1. The chemical name for vitamin A is retinal.

No. 2. Vitamin A is also known as Antixerophthalmic vitamin.

No. 3. Night blindness and xerophthalmia occur in our body due to deficiency of vitamin A.

No. 4. Vitamin A gives us the power to fight infection.

No. 5. Vitamin A is a very useful vitamin for our eyes.

No. 6. For lack of vitamin A in the body, beetroot, carrot, cheese, milk, tomatoes, green vegetables, yellow fruits should be eaten.

No. 7. Sources of Vitamin A are found in milk, egg, cheese, green vegetable, oil.

No. 8 This vitamin helps to maintain many organs in the body like skin, hair, nails, gland, teeth, gum and bone in general.


Healthy tips 1:-


Make fruits and vegetables the largest part of your meal – half the plate quantity:

Try to eat many colors and many types of fruits and vegetables. And remember that potatoes are not considered vegetables in a healthy food plate, because eating potatoes has a negative effect on blood sugar, or ‘blood glucose’.

2. Vitamin B:

vitamins chart pdf
Vitamin B


The main function of vitamin B is to keep our digestion healthy. Lack of this vitamin can cause stomach problems like loss of appetite, diarrhea etc. There is also a possibility of swelling in the veins and berry-berry disease. Muscles become weak and paralysis or heart failure may also occur. The sources of Vitamin B are yeast, rice bran, bran, pulses of peels, sprouted grains, milk, fresh vegetables, flour and food grains. Apart from this, it is also found abundantly in drumstick, carrot, beet, groundnut, ginger, raisins, banana, cucumber and cashew nut. There are many forms of Vitamin B such as Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and Vitamin B12.


Vitamin- B


No.1 Vitamin B helps to form and repair genes, DNA found in our cells.

No.2 It has many complexes, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12.

No.3 It helps to build some elements of intelligence, spinal cord and nerves.

No.4 Red blood cells also form from this.

No.5 Its deficiency can lead to many dangerous diseases like berry berry, skin diseases, anemia, retardation. It can also have a genetic cause.

No.6 Surgery for intestinal and weight loss can also be responsible for this.

No.7 Its deficiency is common in vegetarian people as this vitamin is found in most animals.

No.8 Source: – Vitamin B is found mostly in non-vegetarian substances like fish, meat, egg etc. Vegetarians are partially found in its supply of milk and products made from it, vegetables grown underground, potatoes, carrots, radishes.


Vitamin B1


No.1 Vitamin B1 is the chemical name thiamine.

No.2 Due to deficiency of Vitamin B1, there is a disease called Berry-Berry in the body.

No.3 Vitamin B1 is essential for brain development.

No.4 Sources of Vitamin B1 – Peanuts, sesame, dry chillies, unripe pulses, liver, eggs, etc.

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Healthy Tips 2:-


Eat ‘whole grain’, or whole grains, mostly – one fourth plate volume:

Whole and Whole Grains – Whole Wheat, Barley, Millet, Juvar, Jai, ‘Brown Rice’ or Unprocessed Rice, and foods made from them, such as bread made from whole wheat – made from plain flour, ‘White Rice’ , And other processed grains have less effect on blood sugar and insulin.


Major functions, effects, sources and deficiency diseases of vitamins

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3. Vitamin C

vitamins chart pdf
Vitamin C


Vitamin C , popularly known as ascorbic acid, keeps the body cells healthy and also protects the immunity of the body .

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Along with Amla, it is also found in good amount of Vitamin C in some fruits and vegetables. It is also found in fruits like orange, pineapple, pomegranate, mango etc. and vegetables like lemon, sweet potato, radish, brinjal and onion.


Lack of vitamin C makes the possibility of scurvy disease due to which the body gets tired all the time like fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, bleeding gums and red marks in the feet. Apart from this, due to weakening of the immunity of the body, small diseases and coughs, colds, mouth diseases, teeth and skin diseases, stomach ulcers, etc. can be troublesome.


No.1 Vitamin C produces and supports compounds in the body’s basic chemical activities.

No.2 Conveying messages to nerves or passing energy to cells etc.

No.3 Vitamin C is essential for normal functioning of human body.

No.4 It is ascorbic acid which is found in all types of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, guava, seasonality etc.

No.5 Vitamin C deficiency can cause a disease called scurvy, in which problems like fatigue in the body, weakness of muscles, joint and muscle pain, bleeding gums and rash in legs.

No.6 Due to deficiency of vitamin C, the body also loses the strength to fight minor diseases, which results in diseases.

No.7 Sources: – Vitamin C citrus juicy fruits like amla, orange, lemon, orange, plum, jackfruit, mint, grape, tomato, guava, apple, milk, beet, amaranth and spinach are good sources of vitamin C. Apart from this, vitamin C is also found in pulses.

Healthy Tips 3:-

Protein strength – one fourth plate volume

Fish, poultry, lentils, and walnuts are sources of healthy and versatile protein – they can be added to salad, and go well with vegetables. Red meat should be eaten sparingly, and stay away from processed meat, such as ‘bacon’ and ‘sausages’.


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4. Vitamin D

vitamins chart pdf
Vitamin D


Vitamin D is a nutrient that is formed when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is needed to keep our bones, muscles and nerves healthy. It also strengthens the immune system. Vitamin D can also be found in foods and fruits. Today we are going to tell you about a fruit in which vitamin D is found naturally in high amounts. You can easily include this fruit in your diet.


Vitamin D is very important for the body and can be kept healthy by including foods that contain vitamin D in the food in addition to sunlight. You may have heard a lot about foods with vitamin D by now, but today we are going to tell you about a fruit in which vitamin D is found in abundance.


Vitamin D helps to soak up calcium and phosphorus in the body . This keeps bones strong. It is very important for the development of children. If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body of children.

The best sources of vitamin D are the rays of the sun. Apart from this, it can also be obtained by consuming milk, cream, butter, peanuts and sesame seeds.

Vitamin D helps in weight loss, does not cause depression, can reduce the risk of heart diseases. We all know that vitamin D strengthens bones. This makes the immune system even better. Vitamin D also plays an important role in keeping the nervous system and brain healthy.


No.1 The best sources of vitamin D are the rays of the sun.

No.2 When the exposed skin of our body comes in contact with the ultraviolet rays of the sun, these rays get absorbed into the skin and produce vitamin D.

No.3 If ultra violet rays of the sun fall on the open skin of the body twice a week for ten to fifteen minutes, then the vitamin D of the body is replenished.

No.4 Due to its deficiency, the bones become weak, bones of the hands and feet also become crooked.

No.5 As obesity increases, vitamin D levels in the body decrease, people who suffer from diseases like obesity should complete vitamin D deficiency as well as reduce obesity.

No.6 Source: – Sun is considered the best source of Vitamin D. Apart from this, vitamin D is also found in milk, eggs, chicken, soybeans and fish.


What harm is caused by vitamin D deficiency If vitamin D deficiency occurs in:-
your body, then the risk of infection increases or you feel ill. There are fatigue, pain in bones and waist, poor mood, not healing wounds, hair loss, muscle pain. On the other hand, if you are suffering from vitamin D deficiency for a long time, it increases the risk of cardiovascular conditions, autoimmune problems, neurological diseases, infections, problems in pregnancy and some cancers like breast, prostate and colon.


This fruit gives the most vitamin D

Orange juice

vitamins chart pdf
Vitamin D

Orange is also one of the fruits with vitamin D. Orange juice can absorb bone-strengthening minerals that are necessary to give the body energy and strength. One cup of orange juice provides sufficient amount of vitamin D. Orange is also rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium.


Vitamin D can be found in these things:-

in addition to orange juice, curd, milk, salmon and tuna are rich in vitamin D in fish and eggs etc. If your bones are weak or the body is deficient in vitamin D, then you should include these things in your diet.


Healthy Tips 4:-

Healthy plant oil or vegetable oil – in moderate amounts:

Choose healthy vegetable oils, such as olive or ‘olive’, canola, soybean, sunflower, peanut, mustard, etc. oils, and stay away from ‘parsley hydrogenated’ oils, as they contain unhealthy ‘trans fats’. Remember, foods do not become “healthy” simply because they are low or zero fat.


5. Vitamin E

vitamins chart pdf
Vitamin E


Vitamin E: Benefits and RDA


Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, which has many forms. However, the main role of alpha-tocopherol which is most useful for our body is to act like an antioxidant and eject free radicals from the body. Both men and women need 15 mg of vitamin E daily.


This fat-soluble vitamin E as an anti-oxidant enhances immunity as well as protects against allergies and balances cholesterol in the body . There are eight forms of this vitamin. Along with the formation of red blood particles in the blood, it also helps in normalizing all the organs of the body and also prevents the damage from free radicals. The health and beauty of skin and hair is also due to this. Due to deficiency of this vitamin, there is a decrease in fertility in the body, the effect of age on the person also becomes quick. To get Vitamin E in the body, we should eat all the products with eggs, green leafy vegetables, grains and peels.


Some benefits of Vitamin E, which you must know about:


  1. Vitamin E helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. Combination of vitamin E with zinc, vitamin C and beta-carotene can protect against age-related diseases such as eye disease.
  3. Some studies have shown that vitamin E intake is associated with improvement in cognitive functions. Not only this, it also reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  4. According to one study, taking vitamin E supplements can reduce the risk of death due to ALS or amiotrophic lateral sclerosis. These are both rare stages that make muscles weak.
  5. Vitamin E is formulated for its ability to stop the production of free radical cells and protect cells from free radical damage.


Lack of vitamin ‘E’ – Decreased fertility


Vitamin E: Dietary Sources of Antioxidant Vitamins

1. Wheat seed oil:

This oil is extracted from wheat and 255 milligrams of vitamin E is found in 100 grams of oil. However, wheat germ oil is quite expensive.

2. Almond The

most popular nut almond is known for its nutritious and numerous health benefits. 100 grams of almonds contain 25.6 mg of vitamin E.

3. Avocado One

of the most popular superfoods around, avocado is full of healthy nutrients, including vitamin E. 14 grams of vitamin E is found in 100 grams of avocado.

4. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are also consumed as healthy snacks. It is considered to be a good source of vitamin E along with being rich in mono and polyunsaturated fats. 100 grams of sunflower seeds contain 35.7 mg of vitamin E.

5. Peanuts and peanut oil 

Peanuts are often considered nuts. They are rich in protein and along with snacks, they are also consumed as peanut butter. 100 grams of groundnut contains 44 percent vitamin E.

6. Soybean oil

Some of the best dietary sources of vitamin E are plant-based oils, including soybean oil. It is used for cooking in many homes. One hundred grams of refined soybean oil contains 8.8 mg of vitamin E.

7. Spinach is

one of the best low calorie vegetables. It is liked all over the world. Spinach is a versatile vegetable that contains good amounts of vitamins A, C and K. Spinach is also considered a good source of vitamin E in popular vegetables.


Lack of vitamin E in the body is difficult, because the body needs a very small amount of it. However, people who do not consume enough fat in their diet may lack this vitamin. Some symptoms of vitamin E deficiency include low immunity, retinal damage, peripheral nerve damage, resulting in pain and weakness in the hands and feet. If you see one or more of these symptoms, contact a qualified doctor immediately.


Healthy Tips 5:-

Drink water, tea, or coffee:

Stay away from sweet pies, eat only one or two servings of milk and other milk-based foods a day, and drink at least a small glass of fruit juice a day.


6. Vitamin K

vitamins chart pdf
Vitamin K


Vitamin K works by thickening the blood in the body


Deficiency of this vitamin does not prevent blood clotting and makes it difficult to stop blood flow. Keeps liver healthy. This vitamin can be taken by consuming peeled grains and green vegetables.

Along with these, vitamin F, B15, follic acid, nicotinamide vitamins are not important for the body.

If green vegetables , sprouted grains, milk and fruits are consumed regularly , then there will always be a supply of vitamins in our body.


Healthy Tips 6:-

Be active:

The red color on the placemat of the healthy food plate is to remind you that being active is also essential for weight balance.

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The main message of a healthy food plate is about “dietary quality”, or the quality of the diet.

  • It is more important to think about what types of carbohydrates we eat in our diet than by paying attention to the amount of carbohydrates, because some sources of carbohydrates – such as vegetables (other than potatoes), fruits, whole grains, and lentils – are more than other sources Are healthy
  • A plate of healthy food also tells people to stay away from sweet pies, which are full of ush, or “calories” – and usually have little nutrition.
  • A plate of healthy food encourages people to eat healthy “vegetable oil”, and there is no upper limit on the consumption of “fats” from healthy sources.


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